Hail Impact Reports™

Sample Hail Impact Report

Send Branded Hail Impact Reports to Your Prospects

Sample Hail Impact ReportAfter you talk to your prospects, send them a custom hail report based on their address! The Hail Impact Report has your logo and company info plus lots of details about the storm, such as date, time, direction, speed, duration, and hail size. Now you have an excuse to get your prospect’s email address and phone number! Drop an address marker while you are still in the driveway and send the hail report before you leave. Now the prospect has your branded report. We even notify you when your prospect opens the report!

Generate Hail Impact Reports with any Address Marker. Click on the marker and then click the green button that reads “View Impact Report” Send the report to the email of your choice by clicking “Send Report” located at the top.

Check out This Short Video Demonstration of Hail Impact Reports