Sales Team Maps

Give Your Sales People Their Own Hail Maps! Collaborate With Them in The Field.

With Sales Team Maps you may assign your individual team members their own accounts where they have full hail maps access for any hail date you pick.

For example, when you want your salesman, Randy, to have full access to the hail storm that occurred on May 5th, you simply purchase a Map Credit and assign the May 5th hail date to Randy. Randy will receive an email where he clicks on a link to set up his Sales Team Map account. Randy now has full access to Interactive Hail Maps for that hail date. He may use the maps with his computer, or with Hail Recon, using his iPhone, iPad or Android. He has his own IHM account but just for the hail date you assign to him using your Map Credit. He can drop damage markers and scout areas using Interactive Hail Maps. Your other sales people won’t have access to Randy’s address markers but, as the main account holder, you will see all of Randy’s address markers on your maps too!

Steps to get your team their own hail maps
1. Purchase Map Credits($29 each)
2. Assign sales team members their maps!(you invite them to view maps via email)

Map Credits are $29 and and can be stored and assigned later.

Check Out This Sales Team Map Demonstration Video