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This is a MUST have!

I ran a sales team of 17 and we did 600+ roofs per year. I operated on multiple other mapping platforms and this one is BY FAR the best. We used IHM for nearly all the data used in our marketing efforts. The GPS functionality saved me hours of scouting and made it so much easier to annotate damage in the field and deploy my team. I am now an active consultant for the storm restoration industry and connect all of my clients with Interactive Hail Maps/Hail Recon for their storm response strategy and team deployment. This is a MUST have.

– Adam Bensman, Referral Storm

It's awesome...

Freakin’ love your app and website btw! It’s awesome…we’ve done several hundred commercial roofs mostly here in the DFW area but as far north as Wisconsin to South Carolina and all over the state. We put monitor alerts on most of them and we’ve received several notification this past week from them, inspected all of them and got a few new deals out of it!

– Mike W., Crest Commercial Roofing

I just took a poll of the sales reps and everyone agrees that Interactive Hail maps is much better than the previous site we were using.

I wanted to send you an email this letting you know how much I appreciate Interactive Hail Maps! Feel free to give my name and number to anyone needing a reference; I am more than happy to provide a glowing report! Also, I just spoke with two of our Oklahoma sales reps, who both confirmed that the hail in OKC Monday night was exactly as Interactive Hail Maps reported – .5 to 1” hail, and not the 2” that the spotters were reporting – based on the damage they are seeing.

The pros of Interactive Hail Map are numerous. The value proposition is huge in itself! While most other companies are charging $1500 + for a small area, and are charging several hundred dollars for just one local storm swath and/or a site-specific address report, Interactive Hail Maps offers the entire storm swath nationwide for less than $1000 annually. The site is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. I especially love the address monitoring. I have the sales reps use this in their sales speech – that as an additional service to our clients, we monitor their properties and will inspect them at no charge should they be effected by storms in the future. I particularly like the “Show Impact Dates” and “View Impact Report” buttons. It allows me to quickly look at and compare all impact dates on a particular property to determine which is the best date for our clients. I can print the report or email it to an adjuster to support the storm date. The storm swath alone has proved invaluable several times. While many other storm tracking sites show just a small line to reflect the storm path and charge extra for the actual storm swath, Interactive Hail Maps shows the entire swath, which makes it incredibly easy to direct the sales reps to the best locations to canvass. Even better that I can click on the area to get the zip code and demographics…a huge time saver for me!

I just took a poll of the sales reps and everyone agrees that Interactive Hail maps is much better than the previous site we were using. The only thing they wanted was the ability to save and/or email a storm swath. Right now, we have to print the screen, then scan and email. It would be much easier to be able to email it directly.

I would love to see more carriers and adjusters using Interactive Hail Maps and am hoping that the coming year will provide you with the opportunity to get your name out there to every one of them! Again, the value proposition is incredible!

I am a huge fan of Interactive Hail Maps and am more than happy to tell everyone what a great service you offer! You have made my life much easier and saved me money in the meantime!

Thanks, Mike – I appreciate all you do!

Dana McDonald – Authentic Contracting Solutions

WAY ahead of the competition!

IHM is so far ahead of the competition regarding hail maps, marketing and technology that if you are in my area DON’T Buy their Program! I’d rather keep the Maps, Tips and Tricks all to myself.

– Brad Elder, Oklahoma Strong Roofing & Construction

The information is accurate, the swaths are full of detail and the app is a great tool!

Having been in the storm restoration business for almost a decade and having used multiple hail tracking software programs I am happy to say that the best product available is InteractiveHailMaps. The information is accurate, the swaths are full of detail and the app is a great tool!

Gavin W.
Quality One Exteriors

I remember what it was like wasting time & money running around.

I’m in the auto hail repair business and have been using the Interactive Hail Recon app for almost two years now. My job requires me to get into storm damaged areas fast before my competitors and inform people of our services. I don’t have time to drive around blindly searching for potential customers. Interactive Hail Maps pinpoints me to where I need to be and not be. I remember what it was like wasting time & money running around. Whenever I’ve had a question about a setting or option on my app, I simply call customer service and get immediate one on one service, never a “leave message, we’ll call you back”. The only drawback I experience is associates/competitors in my line of business blowing up my phone after storms wanting information on where to go. They are figuring out that I somehow have some inside information. I’m writing this testimonial as a thanks to their service and perhaps it will help them with new customers in the roofing business. As far as auto hail repair companies, I don’t want them to know about it, but then again it would free up my phone when I need it most. Keep it up guys. Thanks

Dent Biz
Keller, TX
Brad Hawkins

Amazingly accurate results

After a thorough search of all of the top hail mapping services I could find, I found Interactive Hail Maps to be second to none. We decided to give Interactive Hail Maps a try, and we are thrilled that we did. When we had a huge hail storm come through Omaha in June 2014, their maps were spot on with the actual damage locally, and gave us the amazingly accurate results that we were looking for. They accurately depicted the size and severity of the hail that came down, and it gave us a great edge over other competitors. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for hail mapping experts to look no further than the experts at Interactive Hail Maps.

– Mike Vandermuss, CEO Hail Damage Marketing

I can see my storm tracks almost develop live!

I have been using Interactive Hail Maps (Hail Recon on Android) for almost three years now. For the first year and a half I used it to identify storms as they happened and never struggled to find a profitable storm as I traveled throughout the US.

My company, Jabuti Hail Team, set up a permanent shop in Rapid City, SD the summer of 2013. I continued to use Hail Recon here as it gave me an edge in marketing. I can see my storm tracks almost develop live! Once I have confirmation I would market immediately after, always with success.

Finding a competitive edge in this business is vital. This is the kind of product that gives me that edge. It creates efficiency. It creates opportunity where none existed before.

Duane Langenfeld – Jabuti Hail Team

They also incorporate the GPS blue dot within the swath so you can see where you are while driving the area.

Interactive Hail Maps has been an integral part of our business since we first subscribed almost 2 years ago. We receive push notifications as soon as hail drops, then the ability to see the swath over the affected area. While looking at the swath we are able to see markers identifying the size of the hail along with area demographics, which helps determine the viability of setting up the storm. Another great feature of the website is the ability to find recent hail storms within a selected area. We have used this many times while driving to affected towns. They also incorporate the GPS “blue dot” within the swath so you can see where you are while driving the area. Another feature I like is the ability to drop markers, adding information on true damage and notes on the area. If you are not subscribing to this website, you are missing out on a valuable tool for your business growth!

Susan Snider and David Flick
Quality Auto Hail Repair/Guaranteed Dent Removal
Colorado Springs, CO

Advanced Features

Record what you find in the field by dropping address markers.
Monitor your customer’s and prospect’s home / business location for hail damage in the future.
Find out when it hailed at any location, and combine maps for any date range.
Send Branded Hail Impact Reports to Your Prospects
The mobile hail reconnaissance companion app for Interactive Hail Maps.
Whenever damaging hail is being detected or reported, you will be first to know.
Give your sales people their own hail maps and collaborate with them in the field.